Ramakrishna Mission Limbdi

Ramakrishna Mission, Limbdi

                           Shri Ramakrishna movement in Limbdi has started from the Tower Bungalow Where Swami Vivekananda had stayed for a few days in the year 1891. The Prince of Limbdi came in close contact with him and was highly influenced by him.

In the year 1968 a group of local devotees divinely inspired by Shri Ramakrishna, - founded Shri Ramakrishna Prarthana Mandir and in 1994 it was handed over to Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math along with the present location of the Ashrama. Since then the Ramakrishna Mission, Limbdi is continuing the socio-religious activities according to the teachings of the holy Trio.

                               The ashrama hosts a dispensary along with a Physiotherapy section, and an Dental unit. We undertake relief activities whenever a calamity strikes, like the construction of 24 school buildings destroyed by the devastating 2001 earthquake. Also under "Shri Ramakrishna Jaldhara Project" around 60 ponds have been deepened in the rain starving villages of Surendranagar dist. Moral and value education programs for students are also conducted regularly.


1.  dispensary.

2.  Two libraries, one in the ashrama and another at Tower Bungalow.

3.  A permanent exhibition on the life of Swami Vivekananda in the Limbdi Royal Durbar Hall.

4.  Balak Sangha, a cultural and recreational centre for children.

5.  Welfare work by way of distributing food grains to poor people every month.

6.  Religious activities: Regular worship, religious classes, and observance of the birthdays of religious personages.